It is but symbiosis: "If you would tell me a Great City, I could figure out a Great Library. Or, if you would tell me a Great Library, I could figure out a Great City. Now have a look at the great libraries, and could you guess the location?
The view from Volcano Maderas.Beer and ice cream.
Beautiful Libraries
NICEWORLD (an acronym for Nirmal InterCollegiate Extension World) is exclusively dedicated as a common resoruce sharing portal for more than 500 Nice clients all over India."Sharing" is the bedrock of the system for pooling together print as well as e-resources for a wider spectrum of academic community. As such, no mechanicism has been available for most of the libraries due to non-launching of webPACs.
NiceWorld strives to bridge the knowledge gap by seamless integration of all library resources for display on the Portal. It will facilitate member college interact with other colleges for resource-sharing and promote inter-library loan and courier devlivery service. It will strengthen the spirit of academic fraternity among the member institutions.
It will offer a simple mechanism for porting and updating their college bibliographic through FTP service. Maintenance of the Portal will be made common responsibility of all member-institutions. Inter-Library Loan (ILL) could be made mandatory service through smart ID cards.